Love my new courtyard lamp and the customer service is great. They found an error in my order: the lights did not work well together, and emailed me that they corrected the size for me. It was a pleasure to work with them, and I asked if I could pay my respects to the supervisor. He wrote back...thank me and said that his supervisor is his mother! So this is a family business, and I think anyone who needs solar lights should support them. Great choice, service and price.
~ Dawn L.

Incredibly responsive customer service. The lamps are perfect and we are very excited about their appearance!
~ Shauna W.

What an amazing lamp buying experience. Don't waste time to go to any other stores, they have all the colors, sizes and materials you want. First-class service and favorable price.
~ Brent C.

Great buying experience. Great people and great choices. Willing to support the family business.
~Stephen M.

I am looking for suitable lighting for my courtyard, and I have to say that this is the place to put the lighting. They make it easy for you to find the special finishes of the courtyard without having to pay a high price. thank you.
~ Danny A.

Beyond dreams! This family-run store is the ideal place to decorate an open house for my house. I like my lamps very much, I decorated my new living room around them
~Amelia T.

A really good shop. Lots of open space, and lots of lamps! They do custom work, they provide this cool service, you can take the lamps home and see how they look in your room or courtyard, etc.
~Lal R.

I spent more than a year looking for suitable lamps to decorate my living room, and I found it here! I had a whim to stop while visiting a friend, and my luck couldn't be better. This place has a huge selection of amazing lamps to choose from, the staff are great and very helpful. Well done, I am very happy.
~ Eric B.
Take the sofa cover with you. Amazing choice. Very friendly and knowledgeable help decomposing the color scheme.
~ Oliver B.

Love this shop! I bought two lamps from here and I am very satisfied with them. All lamps are very unique. The staff are very friendly and they helped me choose my own patterns for customization.
~ Marissa S.

I found this shop by accident, looking for gifts for my friend for her new apartment. Not only did I find the cutest lamp for her courtyard, I also found a hanging chandelier for her living room. He has been playing with it (it is still intact!). Definitely recommend this place for service, quality and price.
~ Morgan G.

Excellent service and exquisite products. Truly unparalleled quality and choice, will definitely come back.
~ Dan B.

My wife and I are very happy that we have received top-notch service in this family store where lamps are king! We became very depressed and looked for pillows everywhere. This store is a nirvana for lamp shoppers. The choice is excellent, and the owner can personally meet your needs at any time. What’s different from all other anonymous and frustrating anonymous shops in GTA. If you are not sure what you need, don’t worry, the owner’s vision of colors and patterns is impeccable. We love this store and recommend it 100%.
~Fred E.
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